Customer Testimonials

I bought this 2002 Kruzer trailer from another individual. I really liked the contours of it and the color match's the bike to a tee. I knew going into it, that I had some work that needed to be done to the frame. I contacted Ken Moulton, the owner of Sarasota Trailers, and asked them what they were doing to correct some of the problems with the older Kruzer trailers. Ken then explained to me what needed to be done to the frame to make it work so that it would last a long time. He didn't have to do anything but he was willing to back the past product up, in what he could, and help me where ever he could. Customer service like that is why I would never hesitate to recommend the Silhouette trailer.

Billie Seckman, South Carolina


Took a 1700 mile trip this summer through upper Michigan.  Trailer pulled like it was not there. Everything worked very well.  Thanks

Tom & Yvonne Neilson,



I just finished a 3000 km run with our new flare red silhouette trailer and just wanted to let you know she handled like a dream.  I have included a picture of my complete unit.


Dan Thompson, Alberta



We are extremely satisfied and pleased with the performance of the trailer and your outstanding customer support!  I added blind spot mirrors, which were great to check on the trailer at highway speeds, because that is the only way we knew it was back there!

From sustained 75mph driving to slow going on dirt roads, it was flawless. This trailer received a lot of "thumbs up" signs from people throughout the trip, on both sides of the border!!
David & Karen Morgan, West Virginia


Thought you might like to see some pictures of my new Silhouette X with the motorcycle.  I think it looks great.  I will be taking it out for a spin this weekend after the wiring harness is installed on the bike.
Bob Baxter, Tennessee




The paint job is absolutely spot on, whoever thought of spraying it that way got it right the first time. I took the trike for a drive on our local fast roads and you would not even know you were towing anything. I even loaded it up with tools and biking gear and it performed impeccably. Thanks again and please thank your fiberglass, paint shop and assembly guys for a truly fantastic trailer.
Mark Hobbs, England



I took during my 8,000 + KM trip last summer.  I went from Oshawa to Sturgis and did some great loops from Sturgis through parts of Dakota and Wyoming.  Then headed North West eventually took the Logan's pass road over the mountains in Glacier National Park.  Continued North into Alberta up through Calgary, Edmonton, and into Peace River.  Took a very winding route back through Alberta, Saskatchewan down into the US and across through Chicago, Detroit and Home.  Little over three weeks. 
Ken Kuhn, Oshawa, Ontario



We just got back from 6500 km trip thru Florida. I got a guy in FLA to paint the pinstripes to match my bike and the result is very nice. 

Dan Nancekivell, Paris, Ontario